Seat Art by Carson Leh!

I get pretty excited when I discover individual artisans and boutique studios turning building, restoring and riding bikes into a creative experience. Needless to say I had a smile from ear to ear when I discovered Carson Leh and his beautiful custom leather seats.

From his home in California, Carson turned his love for BMX and his penchant for collecting brogue shoes into a unique creative endeavour. He makes beautiful leather ltd edition and custom brogue patterned seats for BMX, MTB, Race and Town bikes. Each and every seat is a work of art and you couldn’t find a better way to top off a special build or your favourite ride. Check out the online store at




Here are a couple of the photos from CycleEXIF’s feature on Alberto Ocampo’s Fit Wifi new school BMX build, my point of discovery for Carson’s work (thanks Adam and Bert!)